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SWING PARADE (1946) * ½


After nearly 200 short films for Columbia Pictures, The Three Stooges co-starred in this embarrassingly bad musical comedy for the poverty row Monogram Studios.


The plot has a crusty newspaper owner who tries to cockblock his son from opening a “swinging” nightclub.  He sends a feisty ingénue singer to gum up the works, but they predictably end up falling in love.  If all this romantic angling wasn’t enough, there’s also an assortment of bit players (including one annoying kid who does sound effects) who perpetually slow the flick down.  Thankfully, The Stooges play a trio of waiters at the club and make you occasionally chuckle during their woefully limited screen time. 


Stooges fans will check it out sight unseen, but the boys are mostly just supporting comic relief meant to play up the bland romantic leads (similar to what The Marx Brothers were often reduced to).  The film is filled with too much “romance”, an overabundance of “plot”, and way too many “swinging” musical numbers, leaving very little time for the Stooges to do their shtick.  There’s hardly any of the team’s patented slapstick here, but there is a good scene where Curly tries to fix a leak. 


Curly suffered from a debilitating stroke the same year this was released and had to quit the team.  Director Phil Karlson went on to direct such drive-in hits as Ben and Walking Tall.


AKA:  Swing Parade of 1946.

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