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THE DIRTY TWO (1972) *

Klaus (For a Few Dollars More) Kinski and Ray (Violent City) Saunders star as two American GI’s in WWII who freak out and kill their own men and rape a civilian woman (though it looked to me like she was enjoying it).  George (The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail) Hilton is assigned to oversee their death by firing squad, but before their sentence can be carried out, the Germans attack and the prisoners escape.  Hilton eludes the Nazis and then sets out to recapture Kinski and Saunders.  Behind enemy lines and low on ammo, the three men make an uneasy alliance to stay alive, an alliance that is severely tested when they take shelter in a small town that welcomes them as heroes and liberators. 


This badly dubbed low budget Italian Dirty Dozen knockoff is dull as all get out, but then again what did you expect from a badly dubbed low budget Italian Dirty Dozen knockoff?  I mean the first sign you’re in trouble is when the budget is so low that the filmmakers could only afford 1/6 as many soldiers as the original Dirty Dozen.  And when you find yourself watching a badly dubbed low budget Italian Dirty Dozen knockoff with 1/6 the amount of soldiers, you have to at least expect it to be 1/6 as good.  Well, The Dirty Two is actually 1/4 as good as The Dirty Dozen, but that’s still only good enough for one star.


While it’s always fun to watch Kinski act typically bonkers (especially when he’s so poorly dubbed), the rest of the movie is pretty tough going.  What passes for “action” is haphazardly staged and executed and the film really hits a dead spot when it turns into some kind of half assed Three Amigos shit with the soldiers agreeing to save the small town from the invading Germans.  


At one point Kinski says, “Crap, crap, nothing but crap!”  I agree. 


AKA:  Salt in the Wound.  AKA:  The Liberators.  AKA:  War Fever.

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