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After a schoolgirl seduces her bus driver while on a field trip to a nuclear power plant, she is reprimanded and brought before the school board, who want to expel her.  The school psychiatrist comes to her defense and tells the faculty that he’s been doing some research on the subject of oversexed schoolgirls and gives them his findings.  The rest of the movie is nothing more than acted out vignettes of the doctor’s case studies peppered with man-on-the-street interviews of a reporter asking young girls frank sexual questions. 


The vignettes are pretty hit and miss, but some of the better ones include: a girl who tells dirty stories to a priest through the confessional, a three-way lesbian scene, and a girl who masturbates using a stuffed animal.  The shrink tells the council that the sexed up underaged girls aren’t victims, but rather sexually aggressive vixens who almost always are the ones who initiate the copulation.  (We see a math tutor, a gym teacher, and a lifeguard all being seduced by the foxy females.) 


I realize that the Germans who made this flick had to try to pass this off as a “legitimate” documentary in order to show off a lot of underage girls balling their brains out, so I’ll overlook the fact that the man-on-the-street interviews really bog the pace down.  While some of the answers the kraut cunts give are illuminating, it all loses much of it’s intended punch since we know that they’re all giving staged responses. 


Schoolgirl Report Vol. 1 does have it’s fair share of crotch adjusting moments (I think the skinnydipping scene was my favorite), but the movie also has a number of bland sex scenes as well.  The good news is that the flick features one truly priceless WTF moment when a girl masturbates while thinking of horses fucking! 


It’s no Emanuelle in America, but it DOES have a lot of teenage girls having lots of dirty sex, which is always a good thing if you ask me. 


Followed by twelve (TWELVE!) sequels. 


One sexually precocious schoolgirl gets the best line of the movie when she says, “Be glad to get rid of your hymen!”


AKA:  Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl.  AKA:  The School Girls. 

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