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BUGS (2003) * ½

Workers excavating a new technologically advanced subway system unearth a swarm of CGI prehistoric bugs.  In the usual Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie manner, the greedy land developer wants the tunnel to open on schedule no matter how many people get eaten by CGI prehistoric bugs.  But when a bunch of VIP’s get turned into Bug Chow during the train’s inaugural run, a lamebrained cop (Antonio Sabato, Jr. from The Big Hit) and a sexy entomologist (Are there any other kind in a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie?) played by Angie (The Substitute 4) Everhardt get a SWAT team together for a reconnaissance mission down in the tunnels. 


Unfortunately they didn’t bring any industrial sized cans of Raid. 


Well, I can say this for Bugs; it’s not the worst Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie I’ve ever seen.  Oh it’s plenty bad, but at least you can have fun spotting all the movies it rips off of.  The giant bugs running amok in the subway is just like Mimic while the land developer wanting to open the subway at all costs is just like The Relic.  But the movie this flick rips off most is Aliens.  The SWAT team members are just like the grunts in Aliens (except with less personality, charisma, and acting talent) and whole scenes are lifted from that movie.  The scene where Ripley tells the troops to fall back before they all get killed?  Check.  The guy who stays behind to blow up a monster?  Gotcha.  The final forklift vs. Queen battle?  You betcha.


Bugs isn’t TERRIBLE, but seriously, you’d be better off just watching Aliens again for the 700th time than waste 82 minutes on this.  


The gore consists mostly of arterial spray, but there are some assorted impalings, maulings, and severed arms that keep things lively.  Sabato looks like he’s sleepwalking but Everhardt is great as always, even if she DOES keep her clothes on at all times. 

Tags: b, horror
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