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Toei Studios’ first entry into the Pinky Violence (exploitation movies featuring heightened violence and sex) craze of the 60’s and 70’s is a little tame for the usual genre standards, but has enough moments of sudden bloodshed to make it worth a look.


Junko Miyazono stars as Ohyaku, a beautiful tightrope walker who gets talked into stealing a cache of gold by her rugged boyfriend.  They are double crossed and her man gets his noggin cut off and she is sent to a prison camp where she gets a big ass tattoo on her back, courtesy of the warden’s nympho wife.  Eventually Ohyaku escapes utilizing her considerable tightrope-walking talents and sets out on a bloody quest for revenge.


Miyazono is just dandy in the lead role and is quite a beauty.  The action scenes are sparse, but there are enough guillotined heads, women hanging over hot coals by their hair and sword slashings to keep you awake.  Unfortunately the movie suffers from one too many lulls in between the action and nothing the actors have to say is half as interesting as the carnage they dish out.  The film shot in an effective manner and black and white cinematography is nice and crisp, but since it’s lacking the requisite violence and sex in these movies (no nudity is shown, and I could’ve stood to see a few more decapitated heads), it’s only recommended for die hard Pinky Violence fans. 


Miyazono returned for two more sequels.


AKA:  Ohyaku:  The Female Demon.

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