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While Denise (Tracy Coogan) and Danny (Graham Sibley) are lying on the beach enjoying their honeymoon, a zombie comes out of the ocean and pukes black bile into Danny’s mouth, turning him into a zombie.  Unlike most zombie movies though, Danny’s decomposition is gradual but eventually he’s chomping on some poor schmo’s guts.  At first Denise is upset, but then she remembers that whole “Death Do Us Part” (or in this case “Undeath Do Us Part”) thing and helps him cover up the corpse.  But things start to spiral out of control when Danny starts eating travel agents, close relatives and finally a bunch of cops. 


And you thought your marriage had problems.


This flick is similar to a glut of a lot of recent indie produced flicks (like Suburban Nightmare) that use horrific themes to explore relationship type stuff.  A lot of director Dave Gebroe’s intended subtext doesn’t exactly work, but I guess he was at least trying to do something a little different with the genre.  The humor isn’t as broad as you might think, although some of this is actually kind of funny.  The gore is more than decent as we have plenty of gut munching, nose biting and throat ripping and the performances by Coogan and Sibley are just fine, but you can only imagine what they could’ve done if the writing was a bit stronger.  In the end, Zombie Honeymoon is moderately amusing; it just doesn’t all quite work as well as it should have. 


Sibley gets the best line of the movie after he pukes someone else’s guts out:  “I guess vegetarians don’t make good cannibals do they?”

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