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HELL’S TRAP (1990) * ½


A Mexican dude named Nacho (who wears the Hell out of acid-washed jeans and dons a mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus blush) gets challenged by his smarmy paintball rival to go out into the wilderness to see who can be the first one to hunt down a vicious killer bear that has been terrorizing the populace.  What those lame-brained Taco Heads don’t realize is that it’s not a bear in those woods, but a deranged homicidal Nam vet who drapes himself in fur pelts, wears a pale-faced Halloween mask and slashes people’s throats with a homemade Freddy Kruger glove.  After catching and killing a couple teens in his Ewok technology traps, the kids finally start to fight back and successfully shoot the crazy dude’s hand off.  That just makes him MAD and he proceeds to pull a Rambo on those testosterone filled turkeys by blowing them away with a semi-automatic weapon.  When the cast finally gets whittled down by the stumpy lunatic, only Nacho is left standing to bring his reign of terror to an end. 


Padded with lots of scenes of people driving around endlessly, this South of the Border horror flick takes FOREVER to get going.  Once the crazy dude with the Freddy glove pops up, things start to improve, but not much.  Too bad the movie is halfway over by that point.  Hell’s Trap runs a mercifully short 75 minutes, but with the current Mexican exchange rate, it feels much, much longer than that. 


The death scenes feature an acceptable amount of blood but things are pretty light in the gore department.  The overall look of the killer is cool, but his shameless derivativeness (he’s basically Rambo with a Michael Myers mask and a Freddy glove) ultimately makes him pretty lame.  Director Pedro Galindo III returned the next year with the mini-classic, Vacation of Terror 2:  Diabolical Birthday.   

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