The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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GRAVE ROBBERS (1990) ** ½


During the Spanish Inquisition, a musclebound Satanist is caught by the church for practicing black magic and gets an axe into his chest for his troubles.  On his deathbed, he proclaims that whenever the axe is pulled out, he’ll come back to life possessing supernatural powers.  Cut to the present day Mexico, where some miscreant teens sneak into a graveyard looking for buried treasure and remove the axe, effectively waking the decomposed devil worshipper.  Holding true to his word, the skull-faced Satanist resurrects himself and boy, does he have an AXE to grind!


He quickly dons his Satanist robe and sets out to use that bad boy on people’s throats, skulls, hands, heads, and eyeballs like it’s nobody’s business. 


In the end, the teens must bury the hatchet with killer… LITERALLY!


Once you can get past all the Inquisition flashback shit and the inane treasure hunting malarkey, Grave Robbers settles down and becomes a fairly decent Mexican slasher flick chockfull of wonderfully moist gore scenes.  There are plenty of gruesome axe murders to be had, but the best death happens when the hulking killer rips out some dude’s guts with his bare hands. 


If only the movie didn’t take so long to get going, this might have been a classic.  As it is, it’s a moderately amusing slasher with plenty of gore, hideous 80’s fashions and pseudo-porn music to keep you entertained.

Tags: g, horror
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