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Andrew (Simon, King of the Witches) Prine stars as a man who comes to “Vampire Island” to solve the mysterious death of his father, who was crushed underneath a tomb with the help of novelist Mark (House of Usher) Damon and schoolteacher Patty (The Witches’ Mountain) Sheppard. Prine inadvertently lets loose a “Vampire Queen” which upsets the townsfolk who warn, “She’ll cavort around naked!”

I don’t see a problem with that.

It takes her forever to get out of her crypt and when she finally gets around to it, she does NOT cavort around naked like the townsfolk promised! She does turn into a wolf though, thanks to the miracle of the jump cut, and also has a henchman that dresses like Ringo in Caveman who does her dirty work. In the end Prine promptly torches the Queen and she turns into a crispy squealing corpse.

Despite that cool little bit, there’s nothing here worth watching this mess for unless you are a dyed in the wool Prine fan. It’s also too dark and too dull to really give a shit about. Director Ray Danton was also responsible for Deathmaster.

AKA: Vampire Woman. AKA: Hannah, Queen of the Vampires.
Tags: c, horror, vampires
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