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DEMON RAT (1992) **


In the future, the world is so polluted that everyone has to wear gas masks and dress like Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation era back-up dancers.  A sexy schoolteacher has a big rat problem in her apartment so she gets a hunky biology teacher to set traps for the rodents so he can study them.  But these ain’t no ordinary rats.  No sirree.  You see, because of the mass plutonium dumpage that happens in the future, these rats are now GIANT rats. 


When a giant rat eats her poodle, our heroine calls an exterminator, but he’s no match for it.  You see, the plutonium infused rat transforms yet again into a two-legged Demon Rat (it looks like the werewolf from Silver Bullet with a rasta wig), and it’s diet now consists not only of poodles, but exterminators as well.  Her slimeball husband also shows up (he also happens to be the one responsible for the massive plutonium leak that caused all of these transmutations, FYI) and tries to come between her and her new beau, the hunky biology guy.  Luckily for the audience, Demon Rat shows up and turns that sumbitch into Rat Chow.


This is definitely one cheesy enchilada of a movie. 


SOME of the ideas in this movie are actually pretty good.  I mean this is the only movie I can think of that combines a futuristic dystopian society with a gigantic two-legged killer rat and a heavy handed anti-pollution message.  It’s just too bad that the budget was about 98 pesos. 


The giant rat effects are some of the goofiest since The Killer Shrews (Yes folks, that IS a compliment), although I preferred the briefly seen giant rat-on-a-string to the corny looking man-in-suit-Demon Rat that dominated the second half of the film.  The scenes where the two romantic leads try to emote from under their cumbersome gas masks were also pretty priceless as well.


And I don’t know whose idea it was to shoot this futuristic sci-fi flick as if it was a Skinamax movie (there’s an overabundance of soft light and tons of Vaseline on the camera), but it was an odd choice to say the least. 


The biggest problem with the film is not the micro-sized budget, the amateurish acting, or the inept special effects.  The thing that brings Demon Rat to a screeching halt is the idiotic love triangle shit involving the ex-husband/plutonium dumper with the Steven Seagal ponytail.  Had the filmmakers completely 86’ed the fact that he was the heroine’s husband and just kept him as the greedy conglomerate type, it could’ve worked.  It’s a sad waste that this superfluous character had to gum up the works late in the game, because Demon Rat really had potential for about 55 minutes or so. 


While this flick may not be a candidate for Best Foreign Film, its miles better than a lot of similarly themed crap you catch on the Sci-Fi Channel at 3:00 in the morning. 


Best line:  “A normal rat wouldn’t have eaten my dog and destroyed my house!”

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