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DON’T PANIC (1989) **

Michael (Jon Michael Bischof) is a wimpy teenager who messes around with a Ouija board on his 17th birthday and pretty soon, he’s having weird visions where bloody hands come through the ceiling and attack him. 


He’s also the only 17 year old I know of that still wears pajamas with dinosaurs on them, but the less said about that, the better. 


The next day at breakfast, a face comes out of Michael’s television and warns him that one of his schoolmates is in danger.  Michael tries to help her but no one believes him and the chick ends up dead at the hands of a serial killer.  As it turns out, the murderer is actually an evil spirit that escaped from the Ouija board and has possessed Michael’s best friend.  Since Michael has a psychic link to the murderer, he knows when and where he’ll strike next, so he and a hot tempered bully join forces to stop the possessed psycho.


When director Rueben Galindo Jr. is dishing out all kinds of head-scratching weirdness, Don’t Panic works.  It’s just too bad that the parts of the movie that doesn’t revolve around bizarre visions and/or people having a giant dagger stuck into them is so damned listless and dull. 


Michael’s hallucinations are well done for the most part and have a certain Elm Street quality about them.  The kills are pretty bloody and there is at least one impressive knife through the mouth scene.  The extraneous scenes of Michael’s less than optimal home life (dad’s always working and mom’s always drunk) slows things down considerably, but the fact that Michael spends half the movie running around in goofy looking pajamas definitely helps things though. 


Featuring a scene from Cemetery of Terror (which was also directed by Galindo) playing on television. 

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