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Michael (Caddyshack) O’Keefe and Paul (D.C. Cab) Rodriguez star in this middling 80’s comedy from director John Byrum as two New York street hustlers trying to worm their way into Palm Beach high society.  To impress an heiress and get their hands on her loot, they enroll themselves in a low rent charm school ran by Denholm (Raiders of the Lost Ark) Elliott to learn the manners necessary to schmooze with rich folk.    


The premise is the kind of thing that The Marx Brothers would’ve had a field day with.  The problem is that O’Keefe and Rodriguez can’t even get as many laughs as Zeppo Marx did.  (Or Karl Marx for the matter.)


This half-assed comedy isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect from the director of The Razor’s Edge and Inserts.  While Rodriguez (who looks like he’s ad-libbing most of the time) has a few good moments, the absence of genuine laughs really hurts.  The supporting cast features such familiar faces as Eddie (Grease) Deezen, Marsha (Night Court) Warfield, Dan (The Last Starfighter) O’Herlihy, and Joe (Maniac) Spinell, but none of them really bring anything to the table.   


Rodriguez gets the best line of the movie when he tells two women:  “As long as I have a face, you’ll always have a place to sit!”


Legend Films has released The Whoopee Boys for the first time on DVD in association with Paramount Pictures.  For more info on this and future releases, check out their website at  

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