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The late 80’s and early 90’s were rife with sugary sweet angel movies.  There was The Heavenly Kid, Date with an Angel, Mr. Destiny and Angels in the Outfield, just to name a few.  The reason why these flicks seldom worked is because (the then) modern audiences were way too cynical to accept such lightweight good-natured piffle.  Almost an Angel is no exception.


Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan stars as a bank robber who saves a kid from being hit by a speeding Volkswagen and gets hit by the car himself.  While in a coma, he has a dream in which God (Charlton Heston) makes him an angel of mercy and sends him back to Earth so he can do good deeds.  He befriends an embittered cripple (Elias Koteas) and helps him and his sister (Linda Kozlowski, Hogan’s Crocodile co-star) run their failing rec center for wayward youths. 


For Hogan, this flick was his chance to play a character that didn’t wear a funny hat and brandish a knife the size of Kansas.  It wasn’t a hit and after another failed comedy attempt (Lightning Jack), his star quickly faded. 


The flick starts off promising with Hogan dressing up as both Willie Nelson AND Rod Stewart to pull his heists, but once Hogan gets religion, the laughs dry up fast and things quickly go downhill from there.  I mean there’s a difference between an uplifting film with a message and a syrupy, heavy-handed one, but director John (Crocodile Dundee 2) Cornell doesn’t seem to know that.  There are only so many eye-rolling clichés one movie can take.  Ex cons running around doing good deeds for “the needy”?  Terminally ill cripples who find a reason to live?  An endangered rec center for wayward kids?  Give me a break!


Like many titles in the Paramount Pictures back catalogue, Almost an Angel is being released on DVD by Legend Films for the first time.  To get your copy, check out today.

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