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I never got into the cult Comedy Central TV show this barely released comedy is based off of, but this flick has a couple of genuine laughs and is a sporadically amusing way to kill 85 minutes. 


Amy Sedaris stars as Jerri, a forty-something ex-prostitute/ex-junkie who gets out of prison only to find out that her father (Dan Hedaya) is in a coma.  Her family doctor (Ian Holm) recommends for her to reconnect with her childhood in order to awaken her father from his slumber, so Jerri goes back to high school where she tries to fit in with her peers and hopefully win the school science fair.


The paper thin plot is just an excuse for Sedaris to act like a slutty tard without a helmet.  Her shenanigans are intermittently funny, but most of the laughs come from Stephen Colbert (who also co-wrote the screenplay) as the closeted science teacher.  It’s also pretty great seeing a big name supporting cast (including Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker) turning up in extended cameos. 


Comedies like this one are an acquired taste.  I usually give comedies a star rating based off of how much I laughed.  In that respect, Strangers with Candy’s ** ½ rating is justified.  I mean I laughed enough to keep myself amused but honestly, as I sit here to write this review I can’t remember what gags really made me laugh. 


I’m sure fans of the show will probably eat this up.  For the uninitiated, it’s worth at least a rental. 


David Letterman of all people, executive produced. 

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