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Paul Naschy stars as an ex-rapist hitchhiking his way across the countryside that gets picked up by a hot chick with a prosthetic arm.  She offers him shelter at her house where her two sisters also dwell and they eventually keep him on as a caretaker.  Naschy tries to make time with the one-armed lady, but when he finds out the other sister is a nympho, he tries to bed her PDQ.  (It doesn’t take much to prime her pump, if you catch my drift.)  The other sister is a wheelchair bound cripple, but that doesn’t stop Naschy from trying to worm his way into her pants either.  Meanwhile, there’s a serial killer going around ripping out chicks' eyeballs and since Naschy is already on the run from the law, that makes him prime suspect Numero Uno. 


I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you because the surprising plot twists are one of the few things this flick has going for it.  The film also features some pretty memorable special effects such as eyeballs being ripping out, a bloody murder with a rake, a few juicy throat slashings and some maggot filled eye sockets.  As unsettling as the effects are, it’s the real scenes of pigs being slaughtered that will put you off your pork chops for awhile. 


Although sprinkled with moments of greatness (I particularly liked the scenes where Naschy did stuff like chopping wood shirtless while swanky 70’s music played in order to make himself sexually desirable to the three women) the thing is, The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is just too damned lackadaisically paced for its own good.  Despite the fun scenes of Naschy trying to woo the three sisters, there are too many long, dull stretches where nothing happens that hampers the film’s effectiveness.  I did enjoy the atmospheric opening scenes (which are very similar to An American Werewolf in London as the hitchhiking Naschy strolls into an unfriendly pub and gets weird looks by the oddball locals) as well as the stylish flashbacks to Naschy’s checkered past, but it all doesn’t add up to very much. 


This isn’t Naschy’s finest 85 minutes, but he certainly has done a Hell of a lot worse. 


AKA:  House of Doom.  AKA:  House of Psychotic Women. 

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