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Chow Yun-Fat stars as a Vietnam vet hitman who doubles as a pyrotechnics operator for a movie studio that’s actually a front for some shady gangsters.  He falls in love with a snooping television reporter who is looking for some stolen Agent Orange left over from the Vietnam War, which naturally is in the hands of Fat’s boss.  When Fat is ordered to kill his lady friend, it severely tests his loyalties, not to mention puts a damper on his love life. 


This mostly boring, wholly forgettable action/drama benefits from a decent performance by a fresh-faced Fat, but little else.  The occasional action scene spices things up (the kung fu is kept to a minimum), but are no match for the thoroughly turgid romance stuff.  The opening dream sequence in which Fat gets his head cut off is pretty memorable, but I could have done without the overly dramatic red tinted flashbacks.  Since Fat’s character is largely absent for a good chunk of the film, it makes for some rough going in spots, so even die hard Fat fans may have trouble sitting through all of this one.  It also doesn’t help that it takes FOREVER for Fat to start chopping off people’s heads. 


Some fun can be had from the swinging music that sounds like it was stolen from a late 70’s porn movie and of course the horrible dubbing, but the most hilarious thing about this movie is that the rival gangsters are called the “Eagles” and the “Bears”.  Every time someone talks about the warring factions it sounds like a goddamn Sports Center update. 


AKA:  Hunting Head.  AKA:  The Long Goodbye.

Tags: action, h, kung fu
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