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An archeologist (Atlantis Interceptors’ Christopher Connelly) takes his family to Egypt where some blind beggar bitch gives his daughter Susie (Brigitta Bocolli) a mysterious amulet.  Meanwhile daddy is off cavorting around in the pyramids and gets zapped in the peepers by some ancient laser beam which blinds the shit out of him.  They head back home to New York PDQ and wouldn’t you just know it, Susie’s amulet starts shooting out the same blue beams that blinded her poppa.  Not only that, but she starts having bizarre visions and psychic premonitions and pretty soon all sorts of weird kinds of shit starts hitting the fan like Connelly regaining his sight, snakes and scorpions start showing up, and people get zapped by the amulet and are turned to into a clump of sand.  Finally Connelly calls in some scholarly type dude to perform some type of half-assed exorcism on his daughter.  Or something. 


Director Lucio Fulci has made some slow moving movies before, but they almost always pay off with some kind of batshit insane gore set piece that make all the boring stuff worth sitting through.  While we do get one neat scene where a guide falls face first on a bed of spikes; the gory goodness usually found in Fulci’s best work is totally absent here.  (Unless you count the scene where some birds peck a guy to death, which I certainly DO NOT.) 


All of this would have been well and good if the movie just occasionally made a lick of sense.  Too bad it doesn’t.  It also doesn’t help when 99% of the movie is stupid as all get out.  I mean there’s stupid and then there’s illogical.  Manhattan Baby is just plain stupid.  Like why blind Connelly only to have him regain his eyesight minutes later?  What’s the point of blinding him when it has no bearing on the plot whatsoever?  (I can’t really say I blame Connelly, about halfway through the movie, you’ll be wishing you were blind too.)


And don’t even get me started on the finale, which has to be one of the lamest endings ever filmed by an Italian. 


The tow-headed Giovanni Frezza also co-starred in Fulci’s House by the Cemetery. 


AKA:  Evil Eye.  AKA:  Eye of the Evil Dead.  AKA:  The Possessed. 

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