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BURIED ALIVE (1939) **

The director of White Zombie, Victor Halperin was behind the camera for this slow moving prison melodrama masquerading as a horror film.  Paul McVey is the guy who throws the switch for the electric chair at a small prison.  One night, he gets into a bar fight with a crusty reporter (Wheeler Oakman) and the warden’s chauffer, a prison trustee (Robert Wilcox) comes to the rescue.  Oakman writes a smear campaign against not only them, but the prison system itself, which severely damages Wilcox’s chances for parole.  Other plot contrivances further complicate matters.   


This Poverty Row prison drama is pretty dull going and throws in every cliché in the book.  There’s even a dim-witted musclebound idiot best friend that’s straight out of Of Mice and Men too.  The performances are okay, but they can’t save this interminable bore.  The only good part is the awful rear projection car scenes that are some of the worst you’ve ever seen in your life.  Halperin also directed the much better Torture Ship (which also featured Oakman) the same year. 


Oh yeah and NOBODY GETS BURIED ALIVE in this movie.  What the Hell? 

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