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If you’re like me, then you were probably wondering how in the heck a movie like March of the Penguins made like a zillion dollars.  In that respect, this parody of that Wild Kingdom bullshit seemed like a good idea.  Add to the fact that it was written, directed and performed by Bob Saget, a man who can be very funny when he’s able to say the four letter words he wasn’t allowed to say in the presence of the Olsen Twins.  (He also happened to direct the woefully neglected comedy classic Dirty Work.)  Unfortunately, Farce of the Penguins is pretty hit or miss. 


The plot is the same as March:  A bunch of horny penguins walk 80 miles in the Antarctic snow to find suitable mates to get funky with.  This time though, Saget and a bunch of his comedian cronies (who include Lewis Black, Gilbert Gottfried, and Tracy Morgan) dub over the penguins’ voices and make them all out to be horny dudes looking to score. 


This all could’ve worked but the premise is beat into the ground early on.  It also doesn’t help that a lot of the jokes just aren’t very funny.  Sure there are a handful of chuckles to be had, but there are very, very few laugh-out-loud moments.  For the most part, the film plays like an overlong Saturday Night Live Sketch with lots and lots of profanity.  Having the always great Samuel L. Jackson narrate the film was an inspired touch but it’s Harvey Fierstein who steals the show as the voice of Sheila the panda.

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