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I’ve already reviewed this flick before, but seeing how Legend Films was kind enough to send me the all new colorized version of the film, I felt compelled to check it out.  Normally, I can’t stand to see a colorized movie, but Forbidden Zone is so goddamned weird I thought that seeing it in color couldn’t possibly hurt. 


Well it doesn’t make any more sense now that it’s in color, but it definitely is a neat alternative. 


The film always resembled a black and white acid trip version of a Max Fleischer cartoon, now it just seems like a colorized acid trip version of a Max Fleischer cartoon.  There’s still the same amount of frog men, bizarro musical numbers, Monty Python style animation, and frantic dry humping, except now it’s all in color. 


I don’t know, I never “got” this film.  (I’m not even sure if there’s anything to “get" about it.)  If it didn’t try so damn hard to be a cult item, it may have worked, but for me, it’s just weirdness for weirdness sakes.  However, if you’ve always wanted to see Herve (Fantasy Island) Villechaize and Susan (Angel) Tyrrell as the King and Queen of the sixth dimension, then this is your chance!  Easily the best thing about the flick is the awesome theme song by Oingo Boingo (frontman Danny Elfman also appears; which figures because his brother directed it). 


Forbidden Zone is on DVD for the first time in vibrant color from the good folks at Legend Films.  To get your copy today, head on over to  

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