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Most of the principal cast returned for this middling sequel to the truly awesome Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.  This time out, Kitty (Jennifer Schwartz), Patch (Janet Housden) and Alexandria (Kim Pilkington) reform the all girl rock group, The Lovedolls, only to have to elude vengeance seeking family members of people they killed in the first movie.  When their rabid fans start committing Manson style murders in the Lovedolls’ name, the band does away with their ardent admirers by poisoning them with Jim Jones Kool-Aid.


As much as I loved the first film, sitting through this one was something of a chore.  The original’s filmed-on-Super-8mm charm wears out its welcome pretty quickly this time around.  The sequel also sorely lacks the edge of its predecessor, but the biggest problem is the length of the film.  Whereas Desperate Teenage Lovedolls ran a scant 50 minutes and had enough plot for TWO movies, this one clocks in at 80 minutes and features way too many slow spots.  If director David Markey cut a good half hour out of this thing, it might have worked. 


The flick DOES have one great scene in which a crazed fan gets possessed by a killer Gene Simmons doll and assassinates Bruce Springsteen (there’s a great parody of “Dancing in the Dark”).    That scene alone is worth the price of admission, and besides any movie in which The Dead Kennedys’ frontman Jello Biafra plays the president can’t be all that bad. 

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