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SEX MANIA (1987) ***

Exploitation guru Johnny Legend pulled out all the stops this time with this compilation, giving us a taste of sex education of yesteryear, spanning from the 20’s all the way through the 60’s.


It all begins with some silent footage of a guy helping a naked girl by removing a pesky rat from out of her shower, but he turns out the be a rat himself.  Next is a Navy enforced VD filmstrip where we see slides of gonorrhea germs under a microscope, a discussion about “blue balls” and the dangers of “Clap Doctors”, as well as a model of a penis.  Then there’s an unintentionally hilarious short about syphilis in which a gratuitously Italian (his accent is about as believable as Chico Marx’s) shopkeeper’s newborn son dies because of complications from the deadly disease.  A social worker tells him:  “With proper medical treatment you can be cured and you can have all the little bambinos you want!”  Things kind of go down hill from there as the filmstrip about teenage marriage (from the 50’s) and the short about teenage pregnancy (from the 60’s) aren’t all that entertaining, but the final short about “photographer’s models” ends things on a high note as this segment has plenty of nudity to keep any heterosexual male happy.


Interspersed between the various shorts are clips from silent stag reels that help spice things up.  We also get to see a trailer for the nudist colony/artist’s rights picture, The Naked Venus as well. 


Like most of these compilations from Johnny Legend, Sex Mania is a little on the uneven side, but at least it makes up for it with a generous heaping of female flesh.  Although some of the shorts tended to drag, I definitely enjoyed the “Rent-A-Girl” portion of the flick and the Naval short was a hoot.  (It was also responsible for the funniest line of dialogue:  “Wearing a rubber is like taking a shower with a raincoat on!”) 


AKA:  Rhino’s Guide to Safe Sex.

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