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DOPE MANIA (1987) ***


The one and only Johnny Legend scraped together a bunch of anti-drug propaganda, movie trailers and short subjects about the dangers of pills, pot, and heroin and put them all into this compilation.  Like most of these collections, it’s fairly hit and miss but there’s some pretty priceless stuff here and there to make it worth a look. 


There’s a short about how poppy seeds are turned into opium and a police training video on how to spot a doper.  (“Pot smoke has a musty odor that’s easy to identify!”)  We also get to see trailers for such drug scare films as Marihuana (featuring scandalous nude bathing), Assassin of Youth (“People say it’s suicide, but to me it’s murder by marijuana!”), Smoke of Evil and Mary Jane (starring Fabian!) as well as a montage of people having hallucinations from similar grade Z anti-drug pictures. 


The filmstrip about a guy who moves up from “Bennies” to weed to heroin runs way too long but the public service announcement featuring Sonny Bono is worth the price of admission.  We see the fuzz busting a bunch of hippies having a pot party; then Bono is seen wearing golden pajamas and dispensing advice and anti-drug sentiment.  I don’t know about you, but hearing “Just Say No to Drugs” from Sonny Bono is like kind of like learning Driver’s Ed from Jayne Mansfield.


Scenes from Mondo Keyhole and a silent western serial featuring Yakima Canutt called “Weed of Death” (“If you smoke that, you’ll go bughouse loco!”) rounds out the collection. 


If you enjoyed such anti-pot classics as Reefer Madness and She Shoulda Said No, then you will no doubt enjoy this compilation immensely.  Just try to watch it straight, okay?

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