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INSATIABLE (1980) ***

Remember the days when porno movies had plots?  Well, the plot of Insatiable is thus:  Marilyn Chambers wants to have sex.  A lot. 


Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s enough plot for me.


Chambers plays this famous model who has a lot of money and a lot of time on her hands so she can fuck.  A lot.  During the course of the movie, she bangs a lesbian in a hot tub, sucks off a virginal hitchhiker, has a four-way and in the grand finale, gets fucked in the ass by the one and only John C. Holmes.  Thing is folks, after all that fucking, she STILL isn’t satisfied.  Thankfully, there’s an Insatiable 2 where poor little Marilyn will hopefully find sexual fulfillment. 


But the best fucking in the flick is the ultra-hot scene where Marilyn relates how she lost her virginity.  She tells us all about the time when she was an innocent schoolgirl who lost her cherry on a pool table by a disgruntled gardener who verbally abused her and gave her the balling of her life.  Trust me, when you watch this scene, you’ll feel like your pants are about too sizes too small if you catch my drift.  Also there’s a pretty good John (Talk Dirty to Me 2) Leslie/Jesie (Easy) St. James fuck scene in there as well.


As previously stated, Insatiable is one of those 70’s pornos that have plots in ‘em, and although most of the plot consists of Marilyn Chambers being… well… insatiable; the flick is unfortunately saddled with a lot of flashbacks of Marilyn walking around London with her septuagenarian aunt that sloooows things way down.  The film also contains one too many pointless scenes of Marilyn driving aimlessly around in her car while annoying love songs play on the soundtrack. 


Despite the endless amount of padding, the plot is thin enough for you to not to want to fast forward through it, which is about the best thing you can say for a porno.  Not all of the scenes will have you immediately reaching for the nearest Kleenex, but the flick does have Marilyn getting fucked in the ass real good by John Holmes and the incredibly hot pool table scene, so for old school 70’s porno fans, this’ll be a must see. 


Marilyn also cameos on a box of Ivory Snow.

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