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FORCED ENTRY (1973) **

I like a good, down and dirty “roughie” as much as the next red-blooded heterosexual male, but you’d have to be one seriously sick individual to get off on this flick. 


Adult film star legend Harry (Deep Throat) Reems stars in this porno-slasher hybrid as a deranged Nam vet/gas station attendant (who has constant Nam flashbacks like crazy) that stalks women, rapes them, and murders them.  He watches the first chick make love to her boyfriend through the fire escape, then after her man leaves, Reems sneaks in and forces her to suck him off while he holds a knife on her.  After slitting her throat, he preys on the next (much cuter) girl in the shower before sodomizing her at gunpoint then carving her up.  Finally he tracks down two ugly-as-fuck, doped out of their minds, lesbian hippies and tries to force himself on them.  When they actually consent to his debauchery, it blows Reems’ mind so much that he has to blow his brains out with his trusty pistol. 


One can only imagine what the raincoat crowd must’ve felt like while watching this uncomfortable mix of sex and violence in the theater back in ’74.  The director, Shaun Costello’s intention was to make a hardcore film that mixed sex and violence realistically to show you that when put together, the two aren’t much of a turn on.  He was right.  The scenes of Reems climaxing onto the faces of helpless girls while stock footage of war atrocities are interspersed in between his cum droplets can be called about a hundred different things.  Erotic is not one of them.  In terms of doing what the director set out to do, Costello accomplishes his goals.  As for making an enjoyable movie, he doesn’t succeed at all. 


The film’s biggest problem is the sex scenes.   They aren’t sexy at all, mostly because of the aforementioned use of stock footage that keeps interrupting the action.  Even if this technique hadn’t been used, the sex scenes still aren’t much to brag about.  Only Laura Cannon (the chick who gets sodomized) is anything remotely close to a decent looking broad as the other females in the cast are complete dogs.  The two lesbians in the final scene are annoying as all get out and are two of the most putrid looking excuses for females I’ve ever seen in a porno.  One looks like Janis Joplin’s homlier looking twin sister and the other chick looks like the dude from Sonic Youth.  Not my idea of a hot threesome. 


The “dramatic” portions of the film don’t play much better.  Although Reems and Cannon are quite good in their roles, everyone else is strictly Amateur Hour.  While I appreciated Costello’s use of stock footage (he’s trying to draw parallels to the atrocities of war and the atrocities at home), he does it way too much for it to be effective.  I mean you really can’t even call Reems’ endless flashbacks scenes flashbacks at all.  They’re more like useless black and white stock footage that doesn’t have much to do with anything, except for maybe padding out the running time.


Reems later starred in the similarly themed, Sex Wish two years later.

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