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AWAKE (2007) ***


Before the opening credits of Awake, we’re treated to a title card that informs us that 1 in every 300 people remain conscious under anesthesia during surgery.  That means that they can feel every little slice and dice of the doctor’s scalpel.  Not a pretty picture.  While the film doesn’t play up this angle enough to really make your skin crawl, it nevertheless is an enjoyable flick. 


Basically what we got here is Anakin Skywalker gets War Machine to perform a heart transplant on him while his girlfriend, The Invisible Woman anxiously paces in the waiting room.  BUT… during the surgery, Anakin uses the Force to remain fully aware of what’s going on around him; learning in the process that War Machine is trying to kill him and steal all of his Star Wars money. 


I’ll stop with the twists and turns there.  Even though I successfully predicted all the surprises this movie had in store for me, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to hold that against it because it was the WAY it sprung the surprises on me that counted.  Director Joby Harold spiced things up visually (like Anakin’s out of body experiences) and made waiting around in a hospital seem pretty dang suspenseful. 


Awake also had the benefit of some of the skeeviest operation scenes since Let Me Die a Woman.  I know you can see the same kind of stuff on the Discovery Channel, but when it’s happening to Anakin Skywalker, you can just FEEL his pain.  Harold also created mucho atmosphere during these scenes as you could almost smell that sickly ammonium hospital aroma throughout the course of the film. 


Actingwise, everybody hit their marks pretty good and helped moved the story along.  I was especially impressed with Lena (Romeo is Bleeding) Olin as Anakin’s MILF of a mother.  Invisible Girl also got to show off her fine ass body, except it was one of those “I’ll only show you my goodies through a wet T-Shirt” deals. 


So who really cares if I saw the story’s surprises coming from a mile away and the plot was thinner than Sy Sperling’s hairline?  I dug this flick.  I’d highly recommend it.  Just make sure you don’t see it before or after getting major surgery though.   

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