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MAID IN SWEDEN (1971) **


Christina (Thriller:  A Cruel Picture) Lindberg stars in this early Cannon Films release as a young girl named Inga who travels to Stockholm to visit her older sister.  After watching a lot of people do the horizontal polka, she experiences a sexual awakening.


You’ll have an “awakening” while watching this movie too because it’s so damn boring you’ll be dozing off and awakening intermittently throughout the movie.


Maid in Sweden would be nothing more than a useless Scandinavian travelogue had it not been for the fact that Christina Lindberg shows off her exquisitely taut Scandinavian body every ten minutes or so.  She gets naked:  on a train, while undressing just before bed, during a dream involving a Martha Stewart look-alike lesbian, while masturbating in bed, when getting “raped” (I put the word raped in quotation marks because it looked to me like she started to enjoy it near the end there), while brushing her hair in front of the mirror, when making love, in the shower (in glorious slow motion), while making love (again), and while in the tub.  Pointless scenes of local “color” like ice skating, riding bicycles and people sightseeing around Swedish landmarks help pad the running time out to 80 minutes, but it feels a Hell of a lot longer than that.      


Maid in Sweden isn’t much of a movie.  It only exists to show you Christina Lindberg naked.  If that’s what you’re looking for, fine.  If you want to watch Christina Lindberg naked in a real movie that’s actually pretty good, check out Thriller instead.


AKA:  The Milkmaid.

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