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Don “The Dragon” Wilson stars in this awful low budget sci-fi rip-off of Terminator as a bodyguard for a corrupt senator who is framed for a murder he didn’t commit. When he goes on the lam, the senator sends out “Cyber Trackers”, bald headed android assassins to kill him. Wilson joins an underground band of anti-robot freedom fighters led by Stacie Foster and sets out to clear his name and kickbox some cybernetic ass. All of the action scenes are recycled from previous movies from director Richard (Fist of Honor) Pepin and are ineptly edited in to fit the rest of the movie. It also has the greatest excuse for the hero to rip off his shirt EVER. Foster gets a nick from a bullet and Wilson removes his shirt, exposing his bare chest. When he learns that her wound isn’t serious, he doesn’t even bother to put the shirt back on. Brilliant. Richard (Under the Gun) Norton co-stars as Wilson’s kickboxing asshole superior. Followed by a sequel.
Tags: action, c, sci-fi
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