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WEED (1972) **

Porno filmmaker Alex (Pretty Peaches 3:  The Quest) de Renzy makes a foray into the documentary world to show us all how marijuana is shipped illegally into the country, used by hippies, and cracked down upon by drug enforcement officials.  De Renzy also travels around the world to such countries as Vietnam, Mexico and Nepal and shows how much more lenient they are with the mass production (and consumption) of pot. 


The biggest problem with Weed is de Renzy himself.  He’s in almost every scene, conducting interviews in the same snore-inducing matter-of-fact way.  He doesn’t have much screen presence and films the proceedings with little variety or pizzazz.  Weed moves at a snail’s pace; almost as if de Renzy went out and smoked a big old Bob Marley fattie before letting the cameras roll.  It also doesn’t help when most of the interviewees are totally square authority figures who like to hear the sound of their own annoying voice a lot.  The scenes of de Renzy in war torn Vietnam acquiring Vietnamese Cataract Cannabis are revealing, it’s just too bad that too much of the documentary is so damn boring. 


Not informative enough to be truly worthwhile and not unintentionally amusing to be put in the same category as Reefer Madness, Weed is a curiosity piece at best.  Stoners may want to check it out as a dated relic of a pro-pot perspective, but it will ultimately be too tedious for their drug-addled brain to handle.

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