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DADDY, DARLING (1970) **

Well they always said that incest is best and Daddy, Darling sets out to prove the old adage through and through, albeit with mixed results. 


Katja (Helli Louise) is a young art student who has been sexually obsessed with her handsome father ever since the death of her mother.  While she tries in vain to win her father’s affections (like wearing flimsy negligees and begging to sleep in her father’s bed), he secretly begins a romance with another woman.  When they get married, it makes Katja really steamed so she goes out and loses her cherry to some dude who likes to wear turtlenecks a lot.  BUT… the only way she can get off is to pretend the guy she’s with is her dear old dad!  Still disheartened, she runs to find solace in the arms of her lesbian art teacher who teaches her the art of eating box.  Armed with her new knowledge, Katja sets out to seduce her stepmother and break up her father’s marriage.


My man, Joe (Butterflies) Sarno handles the taboo subject of incest with a lot more tenderness than you’d expect.  I was kinda hoping this was going to be a grungy and exploitative little softcore number, but I was simultaneously intrigued and disappointed by Sarno’s direction.  Intrigued because he actually managed to make parts of this flick “dramatic” and disappointed because the compassionate direction left little room for the massive erections you’re usually used to getting while watching one of Sarno’s flicks.  There is one good lesbo scene, but it’s just a shame that Sarno handles it so damned TASTEFULLY. 


Louise is a heck of an actress and has a blouse full of goodies as well.  Too bad Sarno couldn’t make more screen time for her to keep that fine figure of hers on display.  Despite her great performance, the other actors in the film fail to make much of an impression, even though they do deliver the soap opera level theatrics admirably. 


So if you’re one of those people who watch 70’s softcore flicks for the acting, direction and screenwriting, you’re going to love this movie.  For everyone else this will probably be a waste of time. 


Three stars for the story.  One star for the sex.  Two stars. 


Katja’s stepmother gets the best line of the film when she says, “Make love to me!  Stupid kinds of love!”

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