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Casey Kasem (who also produced) is in one scene as the head of a white slavery operation. His psychotic brother Keeg (Bruce Dern, in one of his best roles) is the leader of a biker gang who lures girls to his pad, has them gang-raped and then dosed with LSD. They then “graduate” (get sold). When a sketch artist (Chris Robinson) draws some unflattering pictures of Keeg, Keeg cuts him, and then orders Melody Patterson to look after him and seduce him. Keeg’s motto is: “Women are only good for one thing… BEING A WHORE!” Robinson is then taken back to Keeg’s pad and has his hands crushed in a vise! This is one sick, sadistic movie, but it’s a lot of fun thanks to Dern’s out there performance. I liked the effective criss-cross editing in some scenes and Keeg’s nickname for pot: “South of the Border Lawnmower Shavings!” A must for biker movie fans. “Be cool man!”
Tags: biker, c, exploitation
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