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The original Day the World Ended was one of my favorite Roger Corman movies.  It told the story of a family trapped in a house with some gangsters after the apocalypse that was menaced by a goofy looking monster.  This one is all about a big city children’s psychiatrist (Nastassja Kinksi) who comes to a small hick town to work at an elementary school.  She takes a shine to an alien obsessed orphan who claims his daddy was a UFO.  Once poppa comes down to Earth in the form of a slimy monster with lots of teeth, bodies of those who hate the little tyke start turning up minus their heads. 


This flick was part of a quintet of remakes of old AIP movies that were the brainchild of producers Stan Winston, Lou Arkoff and Colleen Camp.  While some of these flicks managed to be decent (like Teenage Caveman), for the most part, they weren’t very good.  The Day the World Ended is easily the worst of the lot.  Like the rest of the films in the “series”, this doesn’t have much to do with the original (The world doesn’t even end, dammit!) and is completely unnecessary to boot. 


All of the half-assed Xtro-style hijinx could’ve worked if directed Terence Gross put a little oomph into the proceedings.  The pacing drags (particularly the first half of the film) and Gross’s over-reliance on slow motion flashbacks is at best thoroughly annoying and positively headache inducing at worst.  The rubbery looking monster is OK but the solemn tone and the listless acting doesn’t help things very much.   All in all, The Day the World Ended is mostly a dull and lifeless affair that will only leave you yearning the original.

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