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RENEGADE (1987) ** ½

In 1970, Terence Hill starred in the hit western, They Call Me Trinity and became an international star.  So much so that whenever he starred in a non-Trinity movie like this one, it was usually re-released under another name to make the audience think they were seeing a Trinity sequel. 


Hill stars as Renegade Luke, a con man who earns his money by scamming horse salesmen and shortchanging waiters.  When his old partner in crime is thrown in jail, he gives Renegade custody of his temperamental teenage son.  The two embark on a cross country road trip where they have to elude grubby truckers, greasy bikers, and clumsy hitmen.  Renegade tries to settle down with the kid in a quiet Amish community but their idyllic life is threatened when a greedy land developer (Robert Vaughn) shows up wanting them both dead.


Renegade is similar to such John Hughes father-spawn movies like Curly Sue and Dutch.  Like those films, this flick isn’t a laugh-a-minute comedy, and even though it’s not completely successful, it does have its moments.  I’ve never seen any of the Trinity movies, but Hill is good enough here to make me wanna check them out.  He’s pretty funny and has a natural screen charisma that helps carry the movie through its occasional lulls.  Although the flick gets bogged down once Hill gets to the Amish town, there are enough decent stunts (a helicopter chase, cars flipping and crashing, people jumping out of skyscrapers, etc.) along the way to keep you entertained.  Director Enzo Barboni stages the action competently and sprinkles in some genuine laughs, but the constant Lynyrd Skynyrd music will have you pulling your hair out. 


AKA:  They Call Me Renegade.  AKA:  You Call Me Trinity, They Call Me Renegade.

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