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Palmer (Maurizio Merli) is a cop with a need for speed who goes above his superiors’ head and convinces his mechanic to soup up his patrol car.  He wants to be just like his supercop captain so he’s constantly trying to live up to his legend.  Unfortunately though, Palmer’s just not a very good driver and keeps crashing his car into various things.  Meanwhile, there’s a gang of thieves running around the city robbing banks whose wheelman is an ace driver who continually out drives the police.  With the help of his crusty captain and a few key modifications to his car, Palmer puts the pedal to the medal and sets out to catch the no-good crooks.  


Highway Racer is a middling slice of low budget Italian junk that has the benefit of some pretty good action sequences.  It contains a fair amount of chase scenes, some not-bad stunts and a few halfway respectable car crashes every ten or fifteen minutes.  Director Stelvio (Black Cobra) Massi may stage all the car scenes nicely but the acting (and dubbing) is perfectly dreadful.  It doesn’t say much for your film when the cars have more personality than the actors.  (Merli has so little screen presence that in one scene he actually gets upstaged by his car’s hood ornament.)


Merli may not be much of an actor but at least he gets to deliver the best line of the movie:  “Life is like a tube of toothpaste, you have to squeeze hard to get the best out of it!”  Maybe if he had squeezed harder, he would have given a better performance.  I doubt it. 


Massi and Merli teamed up the next year for Convoy Busters, which confusingly enough is also an alternate title for this flick.  


AKA:  Convoy Busters.

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