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A serial killer known as “The Address Book Killer” is on his way to kill Karen Allen and her annoying hacker son when he gets critically injured in a car accident.  While he’s in the MRI machine, there’s an electrical storm and the machine zaps him to death.  His soul gets transferred into the machine and it becomes electricity (or something) and pretty soon he’s going through phone lines and computer wires looking for poor Karen.  He hacks into “the system” and starts harassing her by ruining her credit, draining her bank account and (GASP!) sending her adult novelties through the mail.  Finally he comes out of the computer in a mass of little circuity thingies and makes lame wisecracks and tries to kill her. 


Basically what we got here is Shocker 2, but with crappy Lawnmower Man style effects and tons of early 90’s cyber-babble.


This is one sorry excuse for a horror movie.  While director Rachael Talalay starts things off in a promising enough manner (we see the killer murder a family and then prop them up on the sofa so they can watch The Late Show), things go down the tubes quickly once the murderer finds his way onto the Information Superhighway.  Since he’s only a mass of electrons, he can only kill people using major household appliances.   That may have been a decent premise under the helm of a more experienced director, but there is only so much you can do when your movie revolves around people being massacred by microwaves and dishwashers.  (GE was not a proud sponsor of this movie, I’ll tell you that much!)


The cast is better than this thing deserves with Allen making for a likable heroine.  Chris (The Hidden) Mulky also puts in a serviceable enough turn as the computer hacker who figures out how to stop the electric executioner and Rick Ducommun pops up as the comic relief.  Jesus, remember when it was a Hollywood law that Rick Ducommun had to be in EVERY SINGLE DAMN MOVIE?  Starting in about ’88 when he co-starred in The Burbs, till the mid 90’s he always showed up as the Obnoxious Fat Dude in such movies as Die Hard, The Last Boy Scout and Groundhog Day.


Talalay (the woman who thought it was a good idea to make Freddy Krueger fly around on a broomstick and say “I’ll get you my pretty!  And your little soul too!” in Freddy’s Dead:  The Final Nightmare) went on to direct Tank Girl two years later.

AKA:  Deadly Terror.
Tags: g, horror, sci-fi
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