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This is one of the stranger movies that came out of the 90’s. It was the first film by Adam (The Chase) Rifkin and it’s a warped Eraserhead inspired post nuke fairy tale about success. It’s also the best movie Judd Nelson ever made. He stars as Marty Malt, a garbage man who moonlights as a nightclub comedian. He’s awful, but when he grows a third arm out of his back, he catches the eye of a slimy talent agent (Wayne Newton in one of his best roles). Bill Paxton, in one of his more out there performances plays Gus, Marty’s backstabbing (no pun intended) accordion playing best friend. He gets some of the best scenes in the movie, whether it be making time with a corpse, eating hideously rotten fried chicken or having a three way with three three-hundred pound women. The depressingly bleak atmosphere is offset by some off the wall dialogue and humor. The outlandish performances and black humor won’t be for all tastes, but if you dig it, you’ll want to give it multiple viewings. Lara Flynn Boyle, James Caan, Claudia Christian and Rob Lowe co-star. Rifkin (who also has a cameo) went on to have a diverse body of work that included Psycho Cop 2 and Detroit Rock City.
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