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Marcos (Vicente Parra) is an average Joe who lives in a grungy apartment and works at a slaughterhouse.  One day he snaps and starts killing people left and right and keeps their carcasses locked up in his spare bedroom.  Among his victims are an obnoxious cabbie, his underage girlfriend, his brother, his sister in-law, and a skanky waitress.  The bodies really start stacking up and the stench starts becoming unbearable so he coats his apartment in massive quantities of perfume and air freshener.  During his ever escalating descent into madness, he strikes up a friendship with his introverted homosexual neighbor who knows what it’s like to be a little… different. 


What’s surprising about this film is that director Eloy de la Iglesia handles things in a more or less dramatic manner and doesn’t rely on shock tactics to tell his story.  He’s more concerned about Marcos’ spiral into insanity than the guts and gore, of which there is precious little.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing per se, he lets things go on for far too long and there are too many dull passages in between the butchering that brings the movie to a screeching halt. 


Speaking of butchering, we do get a rock to the skull, a wrench to the face, some jugular slicing, and in the film’s best death scene, Marcos puts a meat cleaver between some dipshit’s eyes.  Despite a handful of quality kills, the real life footage of a cow being slaughtered that opens the flick is more disturbing than anything else the movie has to offer.  There is also a fuck scene thrown in to keep the T & A crowd appeased, although it’s far too short to be much good. 


Don’t walk into this one expecting Cannibal Holocaust or something.  It owes more to Repulsion than anything else and there is only the faintest hint of actual cannibalism.  Some folks will enjoy The Cannibal Man for its sensitive look at platonic relationships between serial killers and homosexuals, but anyone looking for a good old fashioned gut muncher will be severely disappointed. 


AKA:  The Week of the Killer.  AKA:  Apartment on the 13th Floor.

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