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PERSEPOLIS (2007) **

A young girl grows up in Iran as revolutionaries take over the country and force all the women to wear scarves on their head and forbid them to listen to Iron Maiden cassettes.  Since a lot of her outspoken relatives have been imprisoned, shot, or both by the government, her parents send her away to Vienna to go to school.  She has a lot of trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and soon returns to find her country is just as fucked up as ever.  She then ventures into a loveless marriage and eventually divorces and has to flee the country again just so she can walk around without that damn scarf on her head. 


The film was based on the autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, who also co-directed.  You know, I liked the stylish animation on this flick and thought that some of the imagery was rather well done.  While there were brief glimpses of humor here and there (most having to do with the rebellious girl being influenced by the devilish Western culture), for the most part though this flick was one big Depress-O-Thon.  I mean I get it, living in Iran sucks (especially if you are a girl), but shit man I could have told you that 95 minutes ago and I wouldn’t have been subjected to this morose history lesson/coming of age story. 


What pissed me off about this flick was that the chick got a chance to get the fuck out of Iran but when she got to Vienna, all she could do is bitch about how much Vienna sucked.  Dude, Vienna may be a shithole place to live but it’s not fucking Iran!  Moral of the story:  If you live in Iran and have a chance to leave, by all means do it and don’t come back! 


Jesus, do you just realize I had to sit through a fucking FRENCH movie about Iranians?  My wife will get anything off of Netflix…    

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