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Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) hates her wealthy hubby cuz he likes to get his friends together and play freaky sex games with her so she hires a greasy hitman to mess around with his airplane engine which leads him to die in a plane crash.  Emanuelle wants all of her dead husband’s money but since he left everything to his underage brat of a daughter (Livia Russo), she has to be content with leeching off the kid’s trust fund.  She also wants revenge on the folks who used to hold her down while hubby beat her like a piñata, but she ends up falling in love with her ex’s confidant (Gemser’s husband and frequent co-star, Gabriele Tinti) instead.  When the meddling hitman shows up and rapes her stepdaughter, it drives Emanuelle on a further quest for vengeance. 


Gemser is as hot as ever and has a couple juicy fuck scenes this time out.  This entry has a lot more plot than your average unrelated Black Emanuelle movie so her sex scenes are spaced pretty far apart.  That won't be too much of a deterrent for die hard Emanuelle enthusiasts though as there are enough scenes of Gemser stark naked to keep them happy.  Luckily the despicable hitman also gets to bed down with an assorted bunch of naked trollops to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for Gemser’s turn to disrobe.


Those used to the sleazier Joe D’Amato lensed entries in the series shouldn’t be too disappointed with this flick as it’s got a creepy pedophilia aspect to it that makes the bestiality in Emanuelle in America seem almost tame in comparison.  In one scene, Emanuelle’s VERY young stepdaughter takes a LONG shower and NOTHING is left to the imagination.  I’m sure she was of age when she made this… uh… right?  It’s hard to tell either way because her itty bitty titties looked a little on the statutory side to me.  Either that or she’s one Hell of an actress.  I won’t even bring up her hard-to-watch rape scene that crosses the line of good taste.  I’ll take the Fifth on that one, your honor. 


I would have been happy with the soap opera melodramatics and the borderline kiddie porn this movie had to offer; sadly though the ending is so abrupt that it’s liable to give you whiplash.  (And I should know as I was rear ended by a pick-up truck last month.)  This will hardly matter though to anyone watching this flick for the sole purpose of seeing Russo’s (hopefully) of age body. 


The asshole hitman gets the best line of the movie when he asks Emanuelle, “You wouldn’t begrudge me a piece of tail?”


AKA:  Emanuelle’s Daughter.  AKA:  Emanuelle the Seductress.  AKA:  Emanuelle:  Queen Bitch.  AKA:  Sexy Moon.

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