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DROP OUT WIFE (1972) ***

Angela (The Dicktator) Carnon stars as a depressed housewife and mother who is unsatisfied with her workaholic husband’s performance in bed.  When they decide to join a swinger’s group, he gets insanely jealous when he sees a hot lesbian munching down on her box so he starts a big fight with her.  She’s had enough of his ass so she leaves to go live with her bucktoothed girlfriend who encourages her to go out and have various flings.  First she picks up an engaged guy, then a pilot who double-teams her with his roommate and finally, her and her friend seduce two musicians.  In the end, she has enough of her slutty ways and tries to come home to her estranged husband and kids.


Ed Wood wrote the screenplay to this softcore skin flick and it may have been some of the best writing he’s ever done because most of the people in this movie actually speak like human beings for a change.  Director Stephen C. Apostolof (who also directed Woods’ Orgy of the Dead) does a good job at balancing the sex scenes with the melodrama as he always keeps you interested in the “plot” without going overboard with it.  He also films the numerous balling sequences with a bit of panache and really knows how to stage himself an orgy scene. 


On the downside, his over reliance on transition scenes will drive you up the fucking wall.  In every scene he’ll zoom in on someone’s wine glass until it loses focus and then cuts to them holding another wine glass in another place and time.  It was okay the first four times he did it but it gets annoying as fuck after awhile.  It’s okay though because the scene where Carnon loses her baby was creepy as all get out.  Apostolof bathes the hospital room in red light and shows the dead baby’s shadow silhouetted across Carnon’s face.  It’s definitely disturbing and not the sort of thing you’re used to seeing in a low budget 70’s skin flick. 


While Carnon isn’t much of a looker she’s got a passable body on her and is really energetic during her fuck scenes.  She’s also a dang fine actress too and really sells her character’s plight in a convincing enough matter for you to actually give a shit whether or not she actually gets back with her husband.  70’s porn vets Rene Bond and Candy Samples can also be glimpsed during the orgy scene too. 


Apostolof and Wood once again teamed up for Class Reunion the same year. 


AKA:  Pleasure Unlimited. 

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