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Corey Gorey (Todd Fortune) is a dim-witted teenager who moves into a new neighborhood with his extremely abusive and overweight stepmother who loves nothing more than making him wait on her hand and foot.  One night, Corey inadvertently kills his hateful stepbrother and covers up the murder by hacking him up and storing the body parts in the freezer.  Corey also keeps his mama tied up on the couch and throughout the course of the movie flattens the mail lady underneath a car, butchers a drug dealer and slaughters his would-be girlfriend with a Black and Decker power saw.  When his stepmother finally gets free, she chases him around the house with a butcher knife, but luckily for Corey the cops show up on the scene to save his bacon.   


This comedy-horror flick plays like a demented John Hughes movie; minus the laughs.  It could’ve worked though had the movie actually been funny as the premise seems solid enough.  Too bad director William Morroni is no John Hughes. 


The best part of the film was the hideous white trash 80’s fashions.  Yeah I know the flick was released in 1993, but I honestly don’t remember anyone in ’93 who still sported a mullet and wore acid washed jeans with the knees ripped out.  (Though to be fair to the movie, they still dress that way in New Jersey to this very day.)  And for a movie with the word “Gorey” in the title, there is precious little red stuff to be found.  We do get to see Corey’s brother’s amputated legs getting stuffed into the fridge, but for the most part it looks as if a lot of the gore got cut out.  It should’ve been called No Gorey Corey.  

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