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DAWN OF THE MUMMY (1981) ** ½

In “3000 B.C.” there’s an Egyptian mummification ceremony where some dope gets his organs ripped out and preserved. He’s turned into a mummy and ordered to protect the riches of the tomb. Cut to the present day (or at least 1981) where some foolish fortune hunters dynamite the entrance to the tomb looking for treasure. Some stupid pot smoking fashion photographers and their hot models follow them inside and have an impromptu fashion shoot. (“Remember, this is a top fashion magazine. We need class photos or we can kiss this account goodbye!”) Of course they disturb the mummy’s sleep and the black faced decrepit monster goes on a killing spree.

You know there’s gonna be hideous 80’s fashions (legwarmers anyone?), bad music and cheesy gore but there’s also some truly priceless dialogue too. “Get off my case man! This thing is getting to be a little too heavy! This mummy gives me the creeps man!” This flick was the Italians idea of combining the zombie movie, their most popular genre film at that time, with the mummy film, a genre that was just about extinct in the early 80’s. It rips off Dawn of the Dead (right down to the title), including that film’s famous machete scene and the mummy’s zombie minions rising from the desert is clearly ripped off from Zombie.

The gore is kinda skimpy throughout most of the film, but the ending is especially memorable as the mummy leads his zombie buddies into town to crash a wedding! The last ten minutes has enough eye gouging, brain eating and gut munching to keep most gore fans happy and the disemboweling of the bride is a hoot.
Tags: d, horror, mummy
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