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SS CAMP 5: WOMEN’S HELL (1977) **

Hordes of Jewish women are sent to a hellish Nazi camp where they are given a choice.  A) they can be locked up in a cell where they can get tortured by the lecherous guards, B) join the brothel where they will be fucked by the horny soldiers or C) disobey and be used as medical experiments by the decidedly unethical scientists.  One spunky Jamaican chick chooses D) none of the above, and concocts an escape plan that entails machine gunning several Nazis.


SS Camp 5:  Women’s Hell is a lot like Schindler’s List except that instead of a kind hearted businessman saving Jews by allowing them to work as labor in his factory, a kind hearted madam saves Jews by allowing them to work as whores in her brothel.


Okay maybe not. 


Director Sergio Garrone filmed this flick back to back with the vastly superior SS Experiment Love Camp using the same sets and most of the same actors (who all more or less play the same damn roles).  It was standard practice to do this in exploitation films.  I mean why film one modestly budgeted Nazi movie when you can make TWO incredibly cheap Nazi movies with the same amount of money? 


The problem is that SS Camp 5:  Women’s Hell suffers from comparison.  While SS Experiment Love Camp was by no means a classic, it was a fun, down and dirty Naziploitation movie.  This one plays more like a Women in Prison movie than anything else (there are shower scenes, leering lesbian guards, and the black heroine is clearly modeled on Pam Grier’s role in The Big Doll House) and a rather tame one at that.  Sure, there are fingers being set on fire, a head stuck in a vice, branding, tongue ripping and women burning in oversized ovens, but the film simply lacks the utter zaniness and crazy antics (like the insane nut transplants) that made the other flick a damn good time. 

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