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A trio of bank robbers on the run from Johnny Law shacks up at a beach house where a nun and four Catholic schoolgirls are staying.  While waiting for their getaway car to be repaired, the deviant degenerates kill time by bludgeoning the maid with an iron, raping the nun and molesting a couple of the gals.  When one of the rapists goes too far by stuffing a walking stick halfway up one of the girl’s hoo-ha, the nun decides to take matters into her own hands and get some good old fashioned revenge.


There were so many low budget Italian Last House on the Left rip-offs made in the late 70’s that they’re almost a genre unto themselves.  (My favorite being The House on the Edge of the Park.)  Last House on the Beach gets off to a promising enough start and has a decent finale; it’s just too bad that the stuff in between is so damned dull.    


The film was directed by Franco Prosperi.  I guess because he also co-directed the immortal Mondo Cane I was somehow expecting a little more from this flick.  In Mondo Cane, Prosperi showed us all kinds of twisted shit, but in this flick, most of the gruesome stuff is kept off screen.  What’s worse is that a lot the attack scenes are filmed in annoying super slow motion which greatly diminishes their effectiveness.  


The thing that really sinks this flick is the plodding pacing.  What made Last House on the Left cook was its three act structure.  The killers rape and murder the girls, then they go to stay at the parents house, and finally the parents get revenge.  Here, the killers arrive at the house very early in the film, leaving them with little to do for the next hour or so except babysit their hostages and bark out orders and stuff.  


At least the score is pretty snazzy and the final scene where the schoolgirls avenge themselves by beating the main rapist like a piñata using various gardening tools was kinda tight.  Ultimately Last House on the Beach is a middle of the road entry in the Last House… sweepstakes.  If you have a severe nun fetish you may want to add an extra star to this review though. 


AKA:  Terror.

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