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CRAZY FAT ETHEL 2 (1987) **

The mental institution where Crazy Fat Ethel has been locked up for the past 12 years has gone through a lot of budget cuts (yeah, so has the movie) so she gets released to a halfway house where she continues her rampage.  First she hangs a mean orderly and when one patient witnesses it, he blackmails her for her dessert.  We all know what happens to people when they get in the way of Ethel and food, don’t we?  They end up with a butcher knife in their back, that’s what.  Then her caretaker stupidly tries to take her pretzels from her and Ethel bludgeons her to death.  Crazy Fat Ethel kills a couple more folks until she totally loses it and sets things up for another sequel.  (Death Nurse, which was filmed back-to-back with this mess.)


I liked the first Criminally Insane a lot, which is a good thing since this sequel is almost entirely made up of scenes from the first film.  (It even steals the credits from the first movie, how cheap can you get!)  It’s no exaggeration on my part when I say that over half of this movie is nothing but recycled scenes from Criminally Insane used as either dreams or flashbacks.  To add insult to injury, the new footage is mostly scenes of Crazy Fat Ethel either eating or sleeping; not the most cinematic of goings-on to be sure.


If you thought the first movie was cheap looking wait until you see this one.  Whereas the first one was atmospheric; CFE 2 was shot on video and looks worse than most pornos made around the same time.  Also, the murders are all thoroughly lame and lack the gore and pizzazz of Criminally Insane.  And while the first flick’s 62 minute running time flew right by, this one makes for a long, long 68 minutes.  (Which is especially telling since the movie only consists of about 35 minutes of new footage.)


What is worthwhile?  Namely another stellar performance by Crazy Fat Ethel.  She may not be nearly as crazy, she may not be nearly as fat, but boy she still has a lot of screen presence.  Not many people can hold their own in a zero-budget, shot-on-video, decade-after-the-fact sequel, but I have to give props to my girl Ethel.  Even though she isn’t given a whole lot to work with, she still makes this shit sorta/kinda fun.


If you’ve seen Criminally Insane, then there’s no real reason to see this one.  That is unless you’re really dying to see all of the best scenes from the first movie shown over and over.  Then again, the new scenes aren’t much to brag about.  Oh well.  You make the call.


AKA:  Criminally Insane 2.

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