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Star Trek’s William Shatner stars in this dirt cheap Spaghetti Western in the dual role of half white, half Comanche twins.  One is the good guy, and the other is a crazy Indian who wears war paint, rapes white women and eats lots of peyote.  The good Shatner gets tired of being mistaken for his Hell raising brother and decides to settle things once and for all by going mano y mano with him in a duel to the death.


Okay let’s review.  William Shatner playing not one but TWO roles, overacting like only the Shatman can.  A bare-chested William Shatner hopped up on peyote, wearing face paint and riding around the prairie massacring white folk while screaming out Indian war cries.  The “good” Shatner saying shit like, “Eat the peyote, drug of the Devil!  Dream your dream of hate!”  The “bad” Shatner trying to talk like an Indian by speaking in broken English and saying things like, “I have seen in the dreams that do not lie… the bodies of the pale eyes burning!”


No criticism necessary.  You’re either the kind of person who will enjoy seeing Shatner square off against himself in a low budget Spaghetti Western or you aren’t.  Yeah, I would’ve loved more Shatner on Shatner action (the evil brother disappears for the middle section of the film), but when Shatner is dueling it out with his evil Comanche twin, it’s good times all around.


AKA:  Hour of Vengeance.  AKA:  Rio Hondo.

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