The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

AEON FLUX (2005) ***

Charlize Theron in a skin tight black outfit and mucho cool special effects provide plenty of eye candy for this fun sci-fi action flick based on Peter Chung’s cult animated series.  Theron is Aeon Flux, a sexy assassin working for an underground rebel force led by Frances (Fargo) McDormand in a utopian society of the future.  When Flux’s sister is killed, she goes into action, but as she slowly unravels the serpentine plot, she discovers the utopian society may not be so utopian after all.  Director Karyn (Girlfight) Kusomon piles on the cool imagery and the stylistic action sequences with a modicum of ingenuity.  The mind bending first half of the movie seemingly reinvents itself with each new scene.  We’re never sure what the hell’s going on, but that’s part of the film’s mystery.  But the more coherent the movie gets, the less interesting it becomes.  Jonny Lee (Dracula 2000) Miller and Pete (The Lost World:  Jurassic Park) Postletwait co-star.  Litmus test for audience enjoyment:  Are you willing to see a movie where a woman has her feet cut off and replaced with hands so she can swing on vines like King Kong?  If so, this movie’s for you!

Tags: a, action, sci-fi

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