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Jim (George E. Carey) is a movie director whose marriage to his junkie wife is crumbling.  To make matters worse, she’ll tell him she’s going to “her mother’s” and then sneak off to get high with her pusher.  One day his hot babysitter, Candy (Susan Romen) shows up unannounced and reads one of Jim’s screenplays.  She tells him it sucks because teens don’t say “groovy” any more, so she takes him out for a weekend on the town to show him how the youth of today (or 1971 at least) live, act, and talk.  They end up getting stoned together and wind up making love.  Meanwhile, the wife gets in deep with her pusher who coerces her into stealing her husband’s boat so he can run drugs from Mexico.  When Jim finds out about it, he calls up his newly found hippie friends for backup to kick the snot out of the drug dealers and rescue his wife. 


If you can’t already tell from that synopsis, there is a LOT of plot in this one.  Weekend with the Babysitter is a classic example of the bait and switch routine that Crown International Pictures would pull on the unsuspecting drive-in public.  They’d make some lurid artwork, put together a sexy and campaign and then… make an entirely different movie than they advertised. 


Just so the Better Business Bureau didn’t have to get involved, they WOULD show a small fraction of what they promised.  In Weekend with the Babysitter, you have to wait a whole 50 minutes for Jim to get down and dirty with Candy.  They only have two sex scenes and one shower scene together which takes up about ten whole minutes of screen time before the laborious plot kicks back into motion.  At least director Don Henderson is smart enough to throw in an awesome scene where Jim’s wife is forced into having a tryst with a lesbian to pay for her heroin tab. 


Henderson is actually none other than Billy Jack himself, Tom Laughlin!  He also directed the equally inept Touch of Satan the same year.


AKA:  Weekend Babysitter. 

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