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SAW 5 (2008) **

Well, I gotta hand it to these Saw boys:  They give us another sequel every year whether we want one or not.  Folks, these people have churned out an unprecedented five movies in five years.  Not even Freddy or Jason in their heyday ever did that shit.  The fact that all of the Saw sequels are pretty mediocre is irrelevant.  What really matters to these Saw filmmakers is PUNCTUALITY.  They don’t care if the flick is good or not, just as long as they get it out before Halloween.  You kinda have to admire that.  Saw 5 ain’t no Saw 3, but at least it’s marginally better than the last outing. 


This time round, its detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor from Mobsters) who is picking up where the deceased serial killer Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) left off; locking five interconnected people in a warehouse and forcing them to play a demented version of Survivor.  Meanwhile, a Fed (Scott Patterson) is hot on his trail and he gets caught up in a Jigsaw game of his own. 


Just because Jigsaw died two sequels ago doesn’t stop him from being in this one.  Like all of the Saw sequels, Part 5 heavily relies on oodles of flashbacks to keep the franchise chugging along.  In fact, I think Jigsaw gets his most amount of screen time yet as there are lots of scenes where he shows Mandylor the serial killing ropes. 


I can’t wholly recommend Saw 5 although by now, you should already know what you’re getting into.  After a strong start, the film quickly descends into a patchy narrative that consists of lots of flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks.  Yeah, it gets annoying after awhile, but at least this one makes sense, which is something that couldn’t be said for Part 4. 


The gore is decent as there are eviscerations, decapitations and mutilations aplenty.  We also get a gory updating on the old Pit and the Pendulum gag as well as a squirm-inducing emergency tracheotomy.  The babe factor is decent as hotties Julie (Rambo) Benz and Betsy Russell (returning from Part 4) make for excellent eye candy.  Too bad neither of them felt like letting their blouse puppies out of the doghouse.


And yes, the door is left wide open for Part 6.  By this point, the only thing that could really kill Jigsaw off for good is poor box office, although I highly doubt it.  You can probably count on me reviewing Numero Six-O about the same time next year.  See you then.

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