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A telepathic alien with a penchant for sunglasses (Michael York) comes to Earth to suck the blood out of all of us humans.  He hires a nurse (Elizabeth Barondes) to give him regular blood transfusions and communicates with his home world via an interplanetary satellite he’s got set up in the basement.  The space vampire also picks up hobos off of the street and invites them home for “dinner”.  Eventually, the nurse and the alien’s snarky chauffeur (Richard Belzer) figure out their benefactor’s secret and set out to stop him.


If all of this seems familiar, it’s because it's the third damn time producer Roger Corman has told the story.  The first time it was in 1957 with Beverly Garland, then in ’88 with Traci Lords.  You’ve seen this all before, so there’s really no reason to see it again.    


The problem with this version is that Elizabeth Barondes is no Traci Lords.  Heck, she isn’t even Beverly Garland for that matter.  That’s okay though because York hams it up splendidly and Belzer seems to be having fun.  I also got a kick out of seeing Mason Adams (the voice of all those Smucker’s Jelly commercials) playing a dim-witted doctor.


I’ve never seen the original film, but the Traci Lords remake was one of my favorite Corman movies of the 80’s.  That film’s director, Jim Wynorski had a lot of style and really knew how to put a lot of topless women in his film.  Here, director Terence H. (The Nest) Winkless keeps the boobage to a bare minimum and handles the action scenes awkwardly.  I will say this for Winkless:  the man sure knows how to film Michael York receiving dialysis treatments from a space octopus.


York gets the best line of the movie when he says, “And what of my brood?  Do they still survive?”

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